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Welcome to your one stop shop to design your next PlayStation 2 (PS2) console!

Within this listing, you can customize different areas of the console to have any of the colors listed in the drop-down area (or select a solid color)!

If you would like to have the console be a single solid color, feel free to select any single color from the drop-down and check out at your leisure! This will include the console in the solid color of your choice, with a black "PS2" logo on top.

If you want to further design the console, please selected "PERSONALIZED" from the drop down area! It is recommended to copy/paste the list of parts below and fill out your choice of colors for each area within the personalization box!

Below are the areas of the console where different colors can be selected:

Main Body Top Shell:
Main Body Bottom Shell:
"PS2" logo:
Disk Drive Bezel:
Memory Card Port 1:
Memory Card Port 2:
USB Area:
HDD Cover:
Rear Fan Cover:

Please note this console will only include the power cord! Other accessories will not be included. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!